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___are you a tastycat?

let´s find out

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All Members , Moderated

A picture rating community which means that we rate what pictures you're posting on the community. You don't have to be Hedi Klum to get accepted but you need to be pretty. If you don't think you’ll get accepted then don't try out!

* Anyone who becomes a member can comment but only stamped members can vote.

*If you get rejected you are allowed to post a new application one week later but with different pictures or challenge another member.

* No nude pictures are allowed. You will be banned if you break this rule.

*You are allowed to post pictures of others than yourself as long as you let us know that it isn't you. You are only allowed to do this as a stamped member.

* If you want to promote another community that's fine..BUT your post will be deleted if you're making a text only entry. Add a picture!

* All entries except mod entries must have a picture..this is a picture rating community right so it's only fair.

*You can vote either, yes, no or undecided if you're not sure on what to vote. Whatever you vote your vote has to be fair.

* Always, ALWAYS put your vote in the subject line. This is so it will be easier to count the votes.

*Don't let other stamped members votes effect your vote. If you think that you're vote will be affected on what people have voted before you don't look at them!

* When you have given your vote you have to let the applicant know why you have voted like you do. If you got rejected (or accepted) you would have liked to know why huh?

*Want to be rude to the applicant? That's fine but you need to give constructive criticism.

* Don't say yes to someone because you feel sorry for them. This is a rating community, if you apply then you'll have to handle the possibility of getting rejected. This is not a community for ugly people!

Last but not least this is what the application is gonna look like.
*Answer the questions as good as you can. And post pictures where we can see what you look like, if you can please post at least one picture of just your face and one of your whole body.

*Also add one picture in the size 100x100 this will be put next to your name on the stamped members list if you get accepted
* If the applicant has as many yes as no those who have voted undecided MUST vote again. If there are no more people to vote or if the applicant has waited for more than 2 days the mod will get a double vote.
* Once you've posted an application you can't take it away! If you delete your post just because you think you won't get accepted you'll get banned!


How important are looks to you?:
What does beauty mean to you?
Describe your style:
Why are you a tastycat?
Who/what inspires you?
How did you hear about this community?:
Who did you promote us to?
Tell us something about yourself:

And then the pictures make sure they are of good quality except from these 3 pictures add one in the size 100x100 this one will be put next to your username on the stamped members list if you get accepted

Oh and use an lj-cut! <*lj-cut text="text"*> Just remove the stars ;)

If you get accepted you can use one of these pictures to link to us:

How to link to us:<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=tastycats"*><*img src="URL to the picture"*><*/img*><*/a*>

Just remove the stars

Mod: fearxofxdying

Emailme at: x_mischevious_x@yahoo.com if you have any questions

Promotional banners:

Credit my_glassheart_

Credit: _gl0ryfades